No compromises, settle for the best

No compromises, settle for the best
End of revival of one band, we play Best of Rock
Our engine is a well-coordinated rhythm of Věra Špinarová
Rock repertoire popular with all generations
We do not play anything that does not suit us, we have taste
20 years of professional experience from big stages
We have our own sound engineer and quality sound from MIDAS
We don't play for sausage and beer, we know our price
We're always working to make you a better experience

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Are you looking for professional live music for your event?

The band Best of consists of musicians with many years of professional experience. We put emphasis on the most faithful performance of the most famous songs of rock history.

The overall sound of the band is as important to us as the playing itself. That's why we have our own sound engineer and sound.

See how we play live and contact us if you are interested.

What we do is what we do best

Rock with you soon …


Contact us now to hear Best of Rock as soon as possible

+420 608 870 850


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